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Delhi Taj Mahal Tours - 1 Day Car Trip

Trip Details

  • Duration : 1 Day
  • Included :
    • One upfront price, all inclusive, no hidden charges, prices per car (not per person)
    • Air conditioned car
    • Private chauffeur & all driver allowances
    • One Pick up and drop off within New Delhi area
    • More pickup and drop-off cities available (click "Book Now" button and select your pickup city to see charges)
    • Petrol/Diesel
    • Parking charges
    • Toll fees
    • All applicable taxes
    • Flexible & customizable itinerary - Choose pickup time, add/remove destinations
  • Excluded :
    • Entry tickets to monuments
    • Meals
    • Driver tips
  • Available for Additional Charge :
    • Knowledgeable Guide
    • English Understanding Driver
    • Hotels (Add a Hotel)
  • Sample Itinerary : (can be customized). Email or call us after booking to customize the itinerary for you.
      Faster - Via Yamuna Expressway (additional Rs. 600*)
    • 06:00 AM Start from Delhi
    • 09:00 AM Arrive in Agra, visit Taj Mahal
    • 11:00 AM Visit Agra Fort
    • 12:00 PM Lunch
    • 1:00 PM Depart for Delhi
    • 4:00 PM Arrive in Delhi
    • *Can be added during checkout from Addons section.
      **You may also add more sightseeing e.g. Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandra Fort etc for additional charge.

      Slower - Via Old Highway
    • 06:00 AM Start from Delhi
    • 11:00 AM Arrive in Agra, visit Taj Mahal
    • 01:00 PM Lunch
    • 03:00 PM Visit Agra Fort
    • 06:00 PM Depart for Delhi
    • 11:00 PM Arrive in Delhi

Rs. 6239 /car

Special promo price for facebook user

Car Charges Rs. 7052
(Includes: All Tolls, Taxes, Parking & Driver allowances)
Govt. Tax:(3.09%) Rs. 187
Discount (requires Facebook Login): (Rs.1000)

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Capacity: 3 Guests + Driver


Most Recent User Reviews

Anne Moller
Trip Date: 11 Feb, 2016
Driver: Prabhat
It was excellent. The driver arrived early, which was not really a problem. We made it to Agra before the traffic built up and my driver had arranged a guide at an extra cost, but a worthwhile one! It was lovely to see the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort and also a number of shops which sold me some lovely stuff!
Ma Paula Teresa Fajardo Acuna
Trip Date: 01 Feb, 2016
Driver: Rajesh Yadav
Of course the Taj Mahal was perfect !!! Awesome and so beautiful. Total hands up. Even I did not book a tour guide, your accredited guy at the Taj Mahal took my daughter and husband around to explain the wonder. For our experience with Zip I will say you go beyond expectations and you know what customer satisfaction is. You go beyond bounds in the support and assist. To the extent of helping me check out how they were doing when I could note reach them. Your on line Chat is very helpful. Congratulations to your Team !!!
Sophia Esper
Trip Date: 03 Feb, 2016
Driver: Avishek
I had a really positive experience with ziptrips. I went to the Taj Mahal for the day. My driver made me feel safe,and went above and beyond to make me feel special and happy. He was excellent!
Mahendra Dhanjee
Trip Date: 02 Feb, 2016
Driver: Rajesh Yadav
Once again the driver was on time. Yes he showed a lot of care and saw to us that we have breakfast at one of the stops
Mahendra Dhanjee
Trip Date: 31 Jan, 2016
Driver: Niraj
The driver waiting for us. The communication from the office confirming that we were on the trip by talking to us personally
M Dhanjee
Trip Date: 01 Feb, 2016
Driver: Avishek
The continuous update and feedback. The driver was on time. Neatly dressed. He knew the route
Deepya Lingareddy
Trip Date: 09 Jan, 2016
Driver: Naresh
Very good experience, Taxi was readily available at all time. There was daily follow-up from Ziptrip and the response if and when we reached them was really awesome. We felt very safe and secure. We booked trip covering Delhi, Agra and Mathura. Driver was well behaved and was dependable. A big thanks to Amani and her team. Thank you for all the help.
Pankaj Thapa
Trip Date: 27 Jan, 2016
Driver: Prabhat
Very convenient and yes it was fun. Prbhat the driver was awsome and a good guide too. He acted as a friend infact.
Jigar Solanki
Trip Date: 20 Jan, 2016
Driver: Avishek
Jennifer Irwin
Trip Date: 06 Jan, 2016
Driver: Naresh
We had to organise at the very last minute a day trip to Taj Mahal as the hotel we were staying at quoted us a very expensive price. I contacted ZipTrips the afternoon before our trip and the entire day was scheduled within half an hour. I was very impressed with the speed at which it was organized, and everything they promised me was delivered.
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