Jamwai Mata Temple, Jamwa Ramgarh


Distance from Jamwa Ramgarh to Jamwai Mata Temple: 0 km

This temple is located at down streams of Ramgarh Lake in greenery bound area. Jamuvai mata is the kuldevi of kachwaha suryavanshi rajput clan of Amber(Jaipur). The temple of goddess was built by Rao dulherao of kachhwaha clan in jaipur near present Ramgarah Lake and later it is called Jamwa Ramgarh by the name of goddess Jamuvai.Previously this town is known as 'manch' and there was a temple of budhvai mata ji and the statue is still there in the same temple. It is much accepted view that Rao Dulherai had a dream about Jamwai Mata who directed him to conquer the area and when he won the war with local Meena Landlord he renamed the town 'Maanch' as Jamwa Ramgarh. This is very devotional shrine for whole of the Kachwaha rajputs.